Welcome to New Life Electronics Recycling, Inc.

At New Life Electronics Recycling, our main goal is to provide responsible electronics recycling, data destruction, and asset recovery nation-wide.

Our focus is keeping electronics out of landfills. We operate a zero tolerance landfill policy to keep our environment free from harmful waste that is found in electronics. Our friendly staff is here to keep responsible electronics recycling available to residents, schools, businesses, and all other organizations.
To exceed our clients’ needs, we offer pickup service, on-site palletizing, asset recovery, auditing, data destruction, and recycling events. Our responsible electronics recycling process is secure, environmentally safe, and exceeds industry standards of quality control. With New Life Electronics Recycling, our clients don’t have to worry about the security of their data. Our data destruction program consists of verified hard drive erasure and/ or hard drive crushing.

Custom Tailored Electronics Recycling Solutions


Do you have a computer or television that you would like to get recycled?

Does your company have obsolete electronics that need to be responsibly recycled? New Life Electronics Recycling offers pickup service, auditing, and data destruction at little to no cost.

New Life Electronics Recycling offers a solution for the educational sector that is custom tailored to keep electronics recycling costs lower than our competitors and in most cases FREE. Other solutions consist of revenue sharing thorough our Asset Recovery Program.